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Dial Nine Internet is a leader in web delivered application development, delivery, maintenance, and support. The company’s application service provider (ASP) services include:

24 / 7 support on applications, hardware, and networks.
The company’s engineers are available on-site 24 hours a day to respond immediately to any event.

Datacenter integrity
Datacenter integrity is a paramount, and this is achieved by:
Redundancy and load balancing across multiple locations and continents.
All datacenters have state-of-the-art security facilities, including 24 hours security personnel and six levels of security verification before access is granted to the server floor.
Power Redundancy
In the event of power failure, a generator is standing by to run the data centre infrastructure, with another generator as a backup.

Dial Nine Internet has close relationships with all the major hardware and server software vendors including IBM, Sun, and HP. The Dial Nine Internet consultant will recommend a hardware profile based on the objectives of the delivered solutions. This hardware profile will include the necessary security, network, and security infrastructure. The relative merits and cost of each hardware profile will be discussed. The company supports both distributed and clustered hardware solutions.

Application Security
The Dial Nine Internet consultant will recommend a security profile for the proposed environment. This will include hardware or software or both. The company has strong relationships with various vendors and experience with their products including Microsoft ISA Server, Cisco, Watchguard Firewalls, Checkpoint,

Server Software Licence Models
Dial Nine Internet work closely with server software vendors to identify the licensing model that is appropriate for each client. The company’s extensive experience in this area assures that the most cost effective solution will be proposed.

Contact the company here to discuss your Application Service Provider Services requirements with a consultant.

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